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OLIO - Wonderful World 


We want to help people reduce waste.
As the world’s #1 free sharing app, Olio has the opportunity to make a tangible difference to the waste crisis. Each item listed and shared on Olio, is an item saved from landfill, so every download has the potential to massively reduce a user’s waste, and therefore their impact on the environment. 


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Although we might feel bad about throwing things away, for the most part we simply aren’t aware of the scale or environmental impact of our household waste.

UK households throw away over 30 millions tonnes of waste every year, 80% of which could be reused, recycled or composted. It is a growing crisis, but it is also one that is being ignored. We aren’t confronted by the consequences of our actions, as our waste is taken away every week - and is therefore out of sight, out of mind. But, in the case of waste, what we don’t know is hurting us - so we needed to shine a light on the UK’s waste crisis, inspiring people to share more, waste less.

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The size of the waste problem feels impossible to tackle, but parents will do anything to protect their children’s future.

We quickly realised that big scary statistics on their own wouldn’t hit home. In fact, they could even work against us, making individuals and families feel even more disconnected and disempowered. So how could we galvanise people to actually make a change? By connecting the very big, far off waste crisis with their own children.

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A haunting juxtaposition of British kids, singing Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World, on real landfill.

We are at a crossroads: do we want our world to be waste, or wonderful? Our ad needed to shock people with the awful reality of the waste crisis, but also leave them with a sense of optimism and purpose - a reason to download the OLIO app, and start making a change. Creatively we kept things simple - innocent children singing one of the world’s most beloved songs on an actual landfill delivered our message with an emotional punch: Let’s not waste our wonderful world.

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